Medical Mobility Repairs

Medical Mobility Equipment Repair

Keeping You on the Move and the World Accessible.

To reduce medical mobility repairs, preventative maintenance of your equipment will allow your lifestyle to continue without interruption.

Some DIY maintenance tips:
For equipment utilizing batteries:
  • Be sure to properly charge your batteries. If you use your power chair or scooter daily ~ make sure to charge your batteries 8 - 14 hours each night for a full charge. Did you know that by continually undercharging your batteries you are reducing their lifespan?
  • When your equipment is not being used for an extended period of time, charge your batteries for 12 - 14 hours weekly.
  • Periodically check that the batteries' terminals are tight and secure.
  • Avoid allowing the batteries' condition meter LED's to fall into the red area; this will lead to your batteries' life span being reduced.

For equipment that utilizes Pneumatic Tires:
  • Check periodically that your tires are properly inflated.

For Lift Chairs:
  • When transitioning from a seated to standing position or vice versa, be sure to stay centered in the chair. Being un-centered will lead to bending of the internal components of your lift chair.
  • Keep a fresh 9V battery in your transformer for times of power outages. A rule of thumb to follow~ when you change your clocks for daylight savings - change your chair's battery (and your smoke detector's too).
  • Any time you feel or hear something unusual in your chair, promptly call a skilled service technician. Most likely a screw or bolt has come loose. It is best to act quickly to prevent major damages and costly repairs.

For Vehicle & Vertical Lifts:
  • Periodic lubrication in the tracks and the joints will keep your equipment operating smoothly.
  • Always check that your lift's hardware is tight and secure.
For any piece of mobility equipment that you own, it is always a great idea to reread the owner's manual from time to time.

Your mobility equipment is critical to your lifestyle. Regular inspection & maintenance as well as timely repair will enhance the function, comfort and longevity of your equipment and reduce medical mobility repairs.