Fitness Equipment Repair

Fitness Equipment Repair

Call us for fitness equipment repair or maximize the life of your equipment with regular preventative maintenance.

Periodically check your machine's bolts and screws to make sure they are tight. If your equipment has cables, check that the cables are not fraying and that they are riding on their pulleys. Cables need to be lubricated. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended type of lubricant to use.
For machines with a belt, be sure to keep the walk belt lubricated to decrease friction on the belt. Friction will lead to the belt's wear and tear..NEVER use a petroleum based lubricant on your belt. It is best to check your owner’s manual for recommended lubricants.

Wipe down your machine after each use. Body oils, sweat and dirt will build up on your equipment and become detrimental to your machine's longevity. Always use a gentle cleaner.
Dust and dirt are major culprits in clogging up the inside components of your equipment. Keep your machine and exercise area clean. This will help to minimize the amount of dirt amassing on those internal components.

If your machine has an emergency safety key, inspect the key for damage or rust.
Remember to re-read your owner's manual from time to time. These tips will keep you and your equipment moving safely!

To extend the life of your exercise equipment: periodic lubrications, adjustments, calibrations and inspections should be done. This will ensure the optimum performance & safety of your machines, this should be done by a professional in fitness equipment repair.

Ask us about our Preventative Maintenance Service Plans ... keep your equipment operating safely all year long!